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How your club can provide more consistent customer service with notes

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Sure, club management software is designed to automate most of the day-to-day tasks at your front desk. But there are times a quick note or manual alert is crucial to handling exceptions, especially when you have lots of staff and locations.

We recently had a high volume club share how their flow has improved by using sticky notes for certain types of customer accounts. Having a way to communicate small, but important details, in a persistent way gave their staff new tools for more consistent customer service.    

The front desk is a busy place, especially during peak times. Having an Alert or a Sticky Note appear can be the difference between handling an issue and it falling through the cracks. 

When you get an opportunity, check out the new "Note Center" in our Q3 release of FirmPOS Anywhere. Many of you asked for an interface that displays notes and alert history in one view. You got it!

We also designed a more intuitive interface that makes notes easier to create and update. No save button. Nothing to remember. Just open, type and go.  

With the addition of Sticky Notes, you have the ability to add small, persistent notes to a customer account that appear each time the account is pulled up. This makes it super easy to create flags for other staff members. 

Ash Craig

Ash is the founder & lead developer of the FirmPOS Anywhere platform. As a lifetime tech and fitness enthusiast, his love for software & club management began in the 1990s when he started FirmPOS Software to help a friend collect the dues at his gym.

With over 25 years of experience, Ash is both a designer and an engineer. A strong open source advocate, he is a frequent contributor to the community and fascinated with bleeding edge technologies.