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Access Control Solutions

We sell a wide range of security products and services. From code-compliant door access control kits to individual items like key fobs, we understand security and how to protect your business.

FirmPOS has included access control in every software version since 1998. We specialize in access control systems for most types of industries. Health clubs, banking, government, medical, education, private industry and many others.

We offer financing for access control installations and can provide onsite installs most anywhere in the United States.

Proximity ID & Access Control Cards

We offer a variety of proximity and access control cards and are available in badges, tags, and conversion stickers. 

All access control cards can be used with our proximity readers as well as those from other manufacturers, including HID, AWID and Farpointe.

Not sure what type of card you have? No problem. We can easily identify the format and create more for you. Most formats require no lead time and there is no minimum order quantity required.


Our access controllers come in several configurations. Our most common is the 3500 kit which provides access to a single access point using a Wiegand connected input. This is the same controller we use with FirmPOS Anywhere and can provide developer support as well. 

Our access controllers come in several configurations 

These are standard formats that can be programmed with no lead time at our factory 
Our standard formats

These are standard formats that can be programmed with no lead time at our factory.

H26 HID Standard 26 Bit (H10301)
H33 HID 33 Bit DSX (D10202)
H34 HID 34 Bit (N10002)
H35 HID 35 Bit Corporate 1000
H36K HID 36 Bit Keyscan (C15001)
H36NAL HID 36 Bit Napco/Alarm Lock (N901157A)
H37 HID 37 Bit (H10304)
H37L HID 37 Bit Long Format (H10302)
H37 HID 37 Bit (A10202)
A26 AWID Standard 26 Bit Format
A34 AWID 34 Bit Format
A50 AWID 50 Bit RBH Format
F26 Farpointe 26 Bit Format
F26MX Farpointe 26 Bit Format w/ MaxSecure
F30 Farpointe 30 Bit Format
F50 Farpointe 50 Bit RBH Format
FABA Farpointe ABA Format
I26 Indala 26 Bit Format
EM64 Honeywell 10 Digit 64 Bit EM format
KC10X Keri KC-10X format
XSF Kantech IOProx XSF format