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Create fantastic guest experiences

At first glance, it's design is minimal and uncluttered. But there's power under this hood. A lot of it.

Find just about anything with a couple taps. Complete sales in a few steps. Check-in a line of guests at top speed. This platform is easy to use and optimized for performance. It's like nothing else on the market.

We'd love to connect and show you around! Consider booking a demo to see all the good stuff. Until then, here's a few of our favorite screenshots :-)


FirmPOS Anywhere is a modern club management and guest services platform built to work with the flow of your club.

Designed to be feature rich without getting in your way. It allows you to manage customers and subscriptions, create recurring payments, sell merchandise and more.

Screenshot: The customer surface. This is where most everything happens. Customer lookup, check-in, sales, payments, subscription sales, class booking, event scheduling, reporting and more!

One Touch

Super fast 'One Touch Buttons' make it easy to sell popular items right from the point of sale surface.

Screenshot: One Touch Buttons on the point of sale surface. These product pages are organized by category and can be quickly added to the sale with a single click. Pages can be customize easily using our drag & drop interface.


If there is an issue with the account, you will see the red alert notification when you look up the customer.

Screenshot: This customer has an issue with his account. The staff member is alerted when the customer's barcode is scanned. Alerts occur when there is a balance, if a customer has been set to inactive status or if there are flags placed on the account.


Find just about anything with a tap or two. Features are easy to find and security settings allow you to restrict access for different users.


FirmPOS Insight is a modern new way to know more about your customer with a quick glance at the screen.

You can custom design the Insight dash to show the data that matters most to you. Choose from our growing list of data widgets and drag/drop the layout the way you want it. We do the rest :-)

Screenshot: The default Insight view for the customer account. There are lots of charts, lists and data info widgets you can add to visualize this customer's history. You will love this.


Insight Reporting lets you view your club's data like never before.

Powerhouse features include filtering, sorting, row grouping, memorization, ranges, calculated columns and native Excel export. Create beautiful printed reports with a tap.

Download new reports instantly with a quick visit to our built-in high speed delivery network.


See five previous sales at a glance. Open a sale with a single tap.

Start a conversation about a favorite product and discover why a customer loves it. Maybe even recommend an upcoming flavor or complementary brand.

Screenshot: A few of the default 'last 5' favorite lists available for the Insight view. There are many more to choose from and lots more on the way!


Our dash shows your club at a glance. Sales, payments, visits, what's selling and what's not. Drill down and see detailed reports that can be exported to Excel or other applications.

Screenshot: The dashboard lets you visualize your club's growth in real time. Optimized to be super fast, even with large data ranges. We even have a franchise version that allows corporate to view all locations at once!


Edit customer info with ease. Add addresses, phone numbers, email, gender, emergency contact info and more.

Screenshot: The profile edit view for the customer account.

User Defined

User defined fields allow you to connect program IDs such as Silver Sneakers or Silver & Fit to the account.

Screenshot: The five user defined fields included with the profile edit view. You choose what data you want to track. The labels set to the titles you choose. (e.g. 'Nickname' or 'Silver & Fit ID')


Easily book customers into classes. Know how full a date is and who is attending with a glance. Book into upcoming class dates with a click. Change instructors. Send reminder emails to the entire class.

Screenshot: Our class booking module. The sleek, modern interface makes it super easy to manage classes, instructors and guests. Customers can even book classes online right from their smart phone, tablet or computer.

SGX Online

SGX is our modern, online portal that makes it simple for your customers to stay connected. Customers can sign up, book classes, buy subscriptions, sign waivers, manage their account and more.

It can integrate right into your website and is designed to look great on your customer's smart phone, tablet or computer.

Screenshot: Customer account on the SGX home screen. This customer has several upcoming classes and an item in his cart ready for purchase.