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Our easy to use Point of Sale makes it simple to focus on the customer Our easy to use Point of Sale makes it simple to focus on the customer

Customer Sales

Achieve front desk zen with effortless sales and happy customers.

The front desk vibe is light and happy. It's pretty fast paced but your customer is relaxed and smiling.

Profits are up because customers spend more money in places that make them feel good. That's the addiction factor.

With Insight, it's easy to connect with the guest standing at your front desk. With just one glance, your staff can make educated product recommendations that feel authentic instead of like a cold upsell.

Guest Services

Better insight. Know what your customers want.

The addiction factor keeps people lining up. With it, guests will make excuses to show up and spend more in your club. A great time to know what your customer wants is while they are standing in front of you. We help you do that.

Introducing Insight by FirmPOS. A modern new way to know more about your customer with a quick glance at the screen.

Customer Since 2016
Recurring payments and billing you can trust

Payments & Billing

Recurring payments and billing you can trust.

Customers trust you to bill the exact amount on the right day. You can trust us to process your recurring payments on time, every time.

"I trust you to handle my bank account and personal information with care."
- Customer Perspective

Payments & Fraud Prevention

Modern, secure payment processing that keeps you safe.

Your customer trusts that you are using the latest Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) devices and EMV technologies for fraud prevention during sales transactions. You can trust us to provide that.

Automatic Credit Card Updater

Never miss a payment because of expired cards again. Credit card updater service is built right in.


Founded in 1998, FirmPOS Software is a team of talented people focused on creating the very best solutions for the club management industry.

We are passionate about what we do each day. Our customers are depending on that.