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What inspires you?

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For me, inspiration can appear anywhere. Marcello Barenghi is a favorite Youtube artist that takes hyper-realistic design to a whole new level. 

Take a moment and check out my top 3 favorite Marcello Barenghi videos.

What does this have to do with club management software? Nothing. 😜 But life gets chaotic and sometimes we have to stop to recharge. 

Without further ado, here's some high octane inspiration in less than seventeen minutes.


Ash Craig

Ash is the founder & lead developer of the FirmPOS Anywhere platform. As a lifetime tech and fitness enthusiast, his love for software & club management began in the 1990s when he started FirmPOS Software to help a friend collect the dues at his gym.

With over 25 years of experience, Ash is both a designer and an engineer. A strong open source advocate, he is a frequent contributor to the community and fascinated with bleeding edge technologies.